Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Sing Together for a Jazz Album

No one expected that the most eccentric woman singer, Lady Gaga, can create a fabulous jazz album together with the legend, Tony Bennett. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett met for the first time at Robin Hood Foundation charity gala in 2011. At that time, Lady Gaga was performing a jazz song on the stage. Tony Bennett got interest with what he heard then he asked Lady Gaga to meet him after the show. He proposed Lady Gaga to do a jazz album together.

In 2014, they released an album called Cheek to Cheek with their first single, Anything Goes. This collaboration album topped US charts and became the third consecutive albums for Lady Gaga that reached number one position on US music charts. Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett Youtube is one of the most typed keyword around that time. 

To commemorate their friendship, Lady Gaga made a tattoo of a trumpet that drawn by Tony Bennett with his last name, Benedetto, underneath the picture. Their jazz album together got critical and commercial success all around the world. It was also topped music charts in Europe, Australia, and United Kingdom. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett were also success in their live performance. You can see their performance on Youtube. 
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