Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It's National Flapjack Day – celebrate with free breakfast

Tuesday, Walk 7 is National Flapjack Day! We cherish an "occasion" that incorporates free breakfast. ~by Newspaper Article

IHOP – the Worldwide Place of Flapjacks – holds its yearly "occasion" to praise all things hotcakes and help raise cash for foundations including the Youngsters' Supernatural occurrence Arrange Healing centers, Shriner's Doctor's facilities, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. neighborhood time on Tuesday, you can get a free short-pile of flapjacks at IHOP. The eatery asks that consequently you make a gift to the one of the taking part philanthropies. ~by Arjonismogenerator

Since beginning the "occasion," in 2006, IHOP says it has raised $24 million for philanthropy. That is a great deal of flapjacks!
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Meaning of Lady Gaga’s A-Yo

A-Yo is one of popular songs sung by American singer, Lady Gaga. This sound can be found on her fifth studio album called Joanne which was released in 2016. This song was launched to digital outlets as her second promotional single. The lyric of “A-Yo” single was actually written by Lady Gaga and collaborated with other musicians such as Hillary Lindsay, Mark Ronson, and BloodPop. This single is truly popular due to its funky and upbeat music. Besides, the lyric itself is very unique and quite easy to remember. It is no surprising if there are a lot of people even Gaga’s fans who question lady gaga ayo, a-yo lady gaga meaning

What kind of inspiration which inspire Gaga to write such kind of lyric. The catchy lyric of “A-Yo, A-Yo was smokin ‘em all actually implied by Gaga herself as “hey you, let’s celebrate. Were leaving our hater in the dust.” The lyric of A-Yo was such telling us not to think too much about haters. The lyric also tell on how you should feel happy even when you have haters and how you should react to them. It is all represents on the lyrics of easy-listening A-Yo song.
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Lady Gaga Did Brilliant Acting in American Horror Story

Many people searched about Lady Gaga American Horror Story two years ago especially when they heard that Lady Gaga accepted a role in this famous horror TV series. Lady Gaga did brilliant acting as the hotel owner who is also a fashionista, a social icon and a vampire. Her acting gained good reviews from movie critiques. She got Golden Globe Award for best actress for her performance in American Horror Story: Hotel. 

Ryan Murphy as the creator of TV series liked Lady Gaga American Horror Story Season 5 so much that he invited her once more to remain a part in the TV series the next season. At the beginning, Lady Gaga was hesitated to take part in American Horror Story season 6 but finally she decided to join the casts. 

In American Horror Story season 5 she was a permanent cast, but in season 6 she was a special guest star. Whatever her role was, Lady Gaga still gave her audience her best acting. American Horror Story season 5 is nominated in various awards and won 20 awards. Lady Gaga American Horror Story season 5 gave proof to the world that she is not only capable in singing but also in acting.
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Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Sing Together for a Jazz Album

No one expected that the most eccentric woman singer, Lady Gaga, can create a fabulous jazz album together with the legend, Tony Bennett. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett met for the first time at Robin Hood Foundation charity gala in 2011. At that time, Lady Gaga was performing a jazz song on the stage. Tony Bennett got interest with what he heard then he asked Lady Gaga to meet him after the show. He proposed Lady Gaga to do a jazz album together.

In 2014, they released an album called Cheek to Cheek with their first single, Anything Goes. This collaboration album topped US charts and became the third consecutive albums for Lady Gaga that reached number one position on US music charts. Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett Youtube is one of the most typed keyword around that time. 

To commemorate their friendship, Lady Gaga made a tattoo of a trumpet that drawn by Tony Bennett with his last name, Benedetto, underneath the picture. Their jazz album together got critical and commercial success all around the world. It was also topped music charts in Europe, Australia, and United Kingdom. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett were also success in their live performance. You can see their performance on Youtube. 
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