Saturday, June 17, 2017

About Eddie Lacy Weight Loss Program and Success

Let’s say that you are a tad overweight but you will be paid when you are able to lose weight, would you dedicate yourself to the weight loss program? If you can get almost $300,000 for losing weight to reach a specific target, will you sign on the agreement? Well, it what happens to Eddie Lacy, the NFL star. The so-called Eddie Lacy weight loss is a mean to help him lose weight to improve his performance but also giving him a fat check bonus if he’s able to do so.

For athletes and performers, appearance is super important. For an NFL star like Lacy, weight and performance are related to one another. He was considered a bit overweight lately and it affected his performance. Mike McCarthy, the coach from Green Bay Packers, had a serious talk with Lacy when the player had reached a total weight of 267 pounds during his off season period. Well, you can get buff up for the game but not being overweight, for sure. And since the serious talk, the Eddie Lacy weight loss had started.

It seems that money incentive is a good support for those who want to drop several pounds off their waist. For every target he managed to achieve, Lacy would receive around $55,000 totaling almost $300,000 if he manages to reach his weight goal. From 267 pounds to 255, Lacy managed to reach 253 – which isn’t bad after all. So far, he managed to lose more than 10 pounds, earning him $55,000. Next, the target should be around 250 pounds and he will be rewarded with another $55,000 if he manages to do so. And if he manages to reach 245 pounds, he will get another bonus. If he can maintain that 245 pounds of weight throughout the season, he will get another bonus to encourage him.
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